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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My little boy...

Ok, so most of you know I have 3 kiddos. My middle son will soon be turning 5. He has been having trouble for some time now with his fine motor skills. He has trouble coloring and holding a pencil correctly. He does ok with scissors, but he is left handed.

Anyway, I was shopping with all of the kids (they are all out of school thanks to Hurricane Isaac) when my middle child tells me he wants me to buy him a crochet book, yarn and a hook so that I can teach him to crochet.

This took me by surprise I have to say! He is the last one I expected to hear this from. I was young when I began to learn, but I was my grandma’s littlest girl. I was always by her side.

He picked out a dishcloth book and some camo yarn. I am wondering if the small G hook will be too difficult for him. We will give it a try. If it doesn't work well, I will buy some more Super Bulky Yarn for him to use with the N hook.

He is pretty excited. I bought some rainbow yarn for me to try some of these patterns too. I have always wanted an excuse to use rainbow yarn!

I'll post pictures of the finished products after we are done.

~Ms Veee