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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that 2013 was good for you!

I had a rough end of the year. My grandfather has been sick in the hospital and my little girl and I have been sick at home and have not been able to visit him. Also, I did not submit anything in December to Nerd Wars. I was barely feeling good enough to make a few quick scarves for my aunts and grandmother. I took pictures, with my new Nikon D3200 my hubby bought me. I just need to figure out how to upload them.

In 2014 I plan to...

...continue my education and work even harder on my Bachelors in Graphic Design. I almost have it. nicer and more understanding to my three lovely kids.

...take more pictures of my kids, family and friends.

...make and stick to a meal plan.

...make more crochet patterns.

...get back into the craft fair circuit with my crochet goodies in the fall.

...visit our beautiful land in San Luis Valley, Colorado (and take tons of photos).

...spend more time with my hubby.

...organize my home (this is on my list every year ^_^).

Here is a free 2014 Desktop Wallpaper for you from me...

Just click on the image to be taken to the full-size version. Enjoy

 photo Happy-New-Year-Wallpaper_zps4b0e25f4.jpg


What are your resolutions for 2014?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learing Tunisian Crochet

I am so excited that my wool and my new hooks will arrive in the mail tomorrow!

I thought I would share with you Lesson 2 in Mikey's Learn Tunisian Series. I really love how fun this guy is.

I am very anxious to get started with this new skill. I have been working on my afghan from around the world, and my daughter's fairy blanket. I will post photos as soon as I can for both of them.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Discovery: Learn a new skill

I have been crocheting for 22 years. It wasn't until a year ago that I started working with Amigurumi and last Christmas I completed my first full afghan for my grandfather.

After being prompted to try something new by a Nerd Wars challenge I have decided to try Tunisian crochet. Oddly enough I found these odd looking bamboo crochet hooks with a 48" tail and I had to know what they were.

After asking my teammates I discovered Tunisian crochet. I have never seen anything like this before although I know it is a very old form of crochet. I guess living in South Louisiana sometimes shelters us from how things are done in cold weather. Most of my crochet has always been home, and toys. I am just recently starting to crochet accessories and clothing (within the last 3 years). ravelry friend, Tiffany, has a great yarn shop where I will be purchasing some wool to use for this wonderful project.

I have already found a great shawl pattern that I hope to use. It is based on a knitting pattern that is very beautiful. The shawl below on the left is the crochet one and the one on the right is the knit one.

So if you would like to crochet this lovely shawl along with me I have included the free pattern link and I will include a video tutorial for Tunisian crochet. I will keep updating as this progresses.


Getting into the grove

I finished working with Slytherin as a NQFY. I feel like I did well and I would have done better if I wasn't so caught up in the Nerd Wars challenges. I am hoping to get sorted into Slytherin for the winter 2014 term. Wish me luck.

I was having fun on Doll Divine and of course I was sorted into Slytherin in their student maker. Here is the doll I made of me.

I then turned changed it up a bit and made it into a ravatar.

I am pretty excited to finally get sorted after following along for 2 terms. I think I am pretty much ready to get some serious points. I love crafting with a purpose.

Wish me luck on sorting this month.

Here are all of the badges that I earned this term in HPKCHC while playing as a NQFY.