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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back Up and Running!!!

I am super happy to announce that after our exhausting move across country we finally have the internet again! I'm back!

If you are interested in the story of our journey let me know and I will upload it to our San Luis Valley Homestead blog.

I will soon be updating you on all of my crochet madness as well. I have made a dress and matching scarf for my daughter for her first day of school (it was way too big even though I used the 4t size pattern and she is 6!), lots of bath poufs (a new favorite pattern), finished a slythern baby blanket (about damn time), lacy boot cuffs and my favorite a Deathstar for my oldest son's birthday!

I also have plans to create a crochet along 12" block swap group. The finished design will create a sampler blanket with each block using a different pattern. Along the way I will be crocheting for my swap partners and a block for myself. My afghan will be made with Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Gray Heather. This way I will have a great view of some of my favorite patterns just by looking at one afghan. I hate having to go through a bag of swatches to find the one I want.

Have you ever realized that sometime your swatches do not come out to the same size as if it was supposed to even though you used the same hook size as the pattern?

My mamaw (grandmother in cajun) taught me the very basics of crocheting when I was a tiny little nerd. I had to learn how to read patterns, and all of the stitches beyond SC! I now create my own patterns just with an idea of what I want it to look like. I credit that to my other mamaw that taught me how to sew using and creating patterns. So here I take all of the things these amazing women taougt me and bring them together to show my readers how to make crochet more fun and a whole lot more organized. Along the way I'll share tips and tricks that I learned the hard way along with a short video series.

If you haven't already please subscribe so that you will be the first to be on the bandwagon for the new group (super vital part to the project)!

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow: That's no moon...