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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free Baby Afghan Crochet Patterns Round Up

I just found out today that one of my cousins had a little bitty 6lb 13oz baby girl! YEY!  Congratulations!

So, to celebrate I figured why not do a round up of all the cute little free baby afghan crochet patterns that are available out there!

To organize this round-up we will be starting with the easiest patterns and ending with the most extreme!

  Ready? Lets go!



Fast Easy Crochet Baby Blanket by Amy Solovay

Simple Hooked Baby Blanket

Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket by Sara Rivka

Baby Afghan #70454AD by Lion Brand Yarn


Easy Baby Afghan by Aesthetic Nest

More Free Easy Baby Afghan Patterns


Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly

Color Me by Andrea Mantler



Lyn's Round Ripple Baby Afghan by Lyn's Designs

2 Sided Baby Afghan by Janet David


Faeries- Baby Sampler Afghan by Elizabeth Mareno

(I have this blanket hibranating in my WIP drawer. I am making it for my DD. I am on round 35.)

More Novice Baby Afghan patters here.


Doctor Who TARDIS-blanket by kejsarinna Astrid

August Moon Baby Blanket by Marilyn Losee

Heirloom Baby Blanket by Joyce Nordstrom

Snail Blanket by Bernat Design Studio

Diagonal Lace Afghan by Diane Poellot

More Expert baby afghan patterns here.


I am not sure which blanket I will make for the new little girl.

Which is your favorite?

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