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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting into the grove

I finished working with Slytherin as a NQFY. I feel like I did well and I would have done better if I wasn't so caught up in the Nerd Wars challenges. I am hoping to get sorted into Slytherin for the winter 2014 term. Wish me luck.

I was having fun on Doll Divine and of course I was sorted into Slytherin in their student maker. Here is the doll I made of me.

I then turned changed it up a bit and made it into a ravatar.

I am pretty excited to finally get sorted after following along for 2 terms. I think I am pretty much ready to get some serious points. I love crafting with a purpose.

Wish me luck on sorting this month.

Here are all of the badges that I earned this term in HPKCHC while playing as a NQFY.



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