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Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm working on my PhD (Projects half Done)...

Well, I know I have been MIA for quite some time...

My old laptop fizzled out and I used only my iPad for a few months while I worked only on my other blog. I then made enough money to buy me a brand new all-in-one HP which I love. I started going back to school to finish my degree. I now have over 45 credit hours towards my Bachelors in Graphic Design. I am so happy to be back doing what I love.

Right before my laptop died I started a Raverly account. My name is MegaMsVeee. I am now in the process of updateing all of my current yarn stash and all of my WIP. I will soon add some of my recently completed projects too.

I also added my Super Bulky Tam pattern to Raverly and plan to have an updated PDF version soon. I will be hooking a few more for winter.

I will be posting soon to get all of you up to speed with what I've been hooking...

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