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Friday, August 3, 2012

T-Shirt Blanket Day 4: First ball switch

Today I made it 2 3/4 rows more rows before I ran out of my yarn. So this is what my blanket looks like after 9 t-shirts.

Time to make a new yarn ball. I rounded up a few more outgrown or worn out t-shirts to cut up for my blanket project. The second ball has 15 t-shirts. This will bring the total to 24. Here are some step-by-step images showing how I cut my t-shirts.

Any ideas on how many t-shirts this blanket will take? It's bitter sweet to cut up my family's old t-shirts. However, it's comforting to know they will all be a part of something much greater. Here is one of my favorite old t-shirts being retired.

After cutting them up, I am sewing them up like the first one. After the ball is made, I sewed the ball to the yarn tail on the blanket.

I finished the row I was on before I picked it up for the day. So now I have 5 rows done using 9.5 shirts and 14.5 shirts left in my ball. I'm done for today.

Till we meet again,
Ms Vee

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